This is a distance run, so make sure you're warmed up, carbo-loaded and ready to RUN till we WIN


Hosted by Amanda Duarte

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Second Wednesday of Every Month

8:00PM  (Tunes, carbs n booze 7:30)

Judson Memorial Church

55 Washington Square South

New York, NY 10012

Pay IF You Can- $10 Suggested Donation

Benefitting Laura Moser for Congress!

dead darlings logo & flyer art by Derek Rippe

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Sept 13th!

It's the end of vacation, ladies.

The lazy days are over.

A chill wind blows through the streets.

The leaves, and the tables, are turning.

Do not despair- this encroaching, discontent winter has its upside...

It is the perfect climate to RUN!

Pad those shoulders, throw on those Easy Spirits and sprint on over to...

Dead Darlings:

RUN Edition!


Laura Moser

founder of Daily Action, congressional candidate for TX-07

Sarah DeLappe

playwright (The Wolves)

Beth Lisick

writer/actor (Yokohama Threeway, Transparent)